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Stormsure has the answer!

Expensive tack can be costly to repair.  A journey to the saddler is inevitable and a week or two’s wait for the mending to be done is often dependent on what other jobs the saddler has waiting.


Because of this we suggested using Stormsure Flexible Adhesive and guess what?  It did the trick quickly and efficiently with little or no hassle.

By simply applying Stormsure Flexible Adhesive to the area that had become unstitched we were able to tightly clamp the leather strap in place and wait for the glue to cure over night.


The next day the martingale was fixed and ‘fit for purpose’.  Through wind and rain, sunshine and hail its still going strong and there have been no complaints.



Ever reversed your car into a tree and smashed out the back window?  Well I have.

Picture this… Stressed out mother, screaming kid, tree jutting out and a reversing car!

Stupid moments can cost money and time especially when you need to travel.  With no glass in the back of my car and rain imminent I had to think fast.  I needed something that would stick (most importantly) and remain watertight and then I remembered my 10m box of STORMSURE’S TUFF TAPE… (and a see through polythene sheet).

I quickly cleared away as much glass as possible, ensuring that the area I wanted to stick on to was clean and dry.  Starting at the top I secured the polythene in the corners and followed with long stretches of TUFF TAPE till the area was stuck too perfection!


National windscreen turned up two hours later ;)…